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Target the accommodating ones

Put yourself in the best position possible to hook up with a single girl by actually hitting on the ones that seem receptive to you.  Pay attention to body language for starters. 

Contrary to what your instincts might tell you or your dumb buddies, avoid girls that are crying because they got dumped or are in some other kind of psychological morass.  You don't need it. Your best bets are girls on the prowl just like you.


Be mysterious

Try to keep some things close to the vest.  Don't spill your beans about every damn thing you've done in your pathetic life.  Dropping interesting and mysterious clues provokes curiosity and intrigue, which can be sexy.  This can lead to a hook up.  So mention how you went on that scientific expedition to the rain forest but don't explain why, how or what you do - this will make you very mysterious and they like that. 


Start with neutral questions

This technique works well for dudes that don't know what to say or what to ask a hot single girl.  The idea is to first ask her neutral questions, like if she likes the music at the club you are at, but don't ask her about herself or what she thinks of you.  This is a very warm and non-intimidating approach to conversation, which should lead to more intimate questions like "so what is your favorite position" later on down the road.  Start with neutral questions and you should do alright. 


Get new digs

If you want to really score, you better look like you know to pick out a set of digs.  If your clothes look like they haven't been washed in a week, you will look the same way.  She will not be pleased and you will have absolutely no chance of picking her up.   


Polish the shoes

Don't step in dog shit and expect to pick up a hot single chick.  Make sure your shoes are as clean as can be.  Be very aware: women are big into footwear.  They pay way more attention to your shoes then they probably would your prison record if you had one.  Clean the shoes!  

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