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Wine tasting

Go to a wine tasting. There you may encounter the eclectic single girl types, perhaps out with their girlfriends having a sophisticated time. The nice thing, they're most likely buzzed. Wine is a great foundation for love. Know how to sip both.


Damsel in distress

Ever pull over and see a hot looking girl look like she is lost? Well now is your chance to be her knight in shining armor. Help her along and she may just help you along. Women tend to love the man that helps them out of a bind. Help her out of her bind and she may just help you out of your pants!


Hug a tree

Maybe you're into the activist thing. Go to activist oriented type events and see if there is not only a tree you can hug, but a hot single girl, too. You know they like what are you waiting for?


At a bus stop

Everywhere you look you just might find a hot single girl waiting to be picked up by either public transportation or you. So which is it going to be? You just have to get there before the bus does. Think along the lines that every girl waiting for a bus, is really waiting for you.



How did you almost overlook this easy one? Yes, you can meet single girls online – in chat rooms and on message boards. The internet is much more than a vehicle for porn. Take advantage of it. Don’t overdo the exaggerations. Think of your resume – it is okay to embellish but don’t say you went to Harvard when you flunked out of your crappy community college.



Likewise, she will know the difference between 4 inches and 10; although, by that time, hopefully it won't matter.



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