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Attend festivals

Festivals abound with all sorts of type of beautiful gals all caught up in the ethnic regalia.  Hey, no reason you can't be there to get in touch with your roots.  Play the angle right and she might even touch your root! 


Lay on the beach

If you got it, flaunt it - as they say.  No better place to do this than the beach.  Just find a nice stretch of sand where a hot single girl is working on her tan and then stretch out.  Just make sure you don't look like a beached whale, because if you do, you may as well jump in the ocean and get lost.

Rule of thumb: if you jump into the ocean and wipe out 80,000 people in Thailand – it's time to loose that weight. 


Take a smoke break

Most work places now have small, designated smoke areas for those who still enjoy the puff of a cancer stick.  The nice thing is, you are packed in like sardines with all sorts of other people and some of those people can be hot single chicks.  This is one place, where blowing smoke is fine.  So take the smoker's break and hack up a date with a single hot smoker. 


Outside of work (just outside)

During really nice bouts of weather, go outside and take a stroll around some office buildings.  You are bound to find some hot single girls trying to get caught up on work, their tan and maybe a man.  After all, no tan, no man.  You got the plan? 


At the meeting

You know, the best place to flirt with a woman is at work.  Why?  She feels safe and relaxed since it is a professional environment.  This is your chance to show her who is the real boss.  We mean that in the sense that you can be the powerful executive type and this will turn on the aspiring working hot single girl who will be impressed with your stature.  In fact, she just might hire you to manage her "assets." 


Make that deal

Don't discount the opportunity to meet a single girl when a deal is consummated.  Maybe it might be that you two will be dealing with each other on a more regular basis.  Maybe this might be the time to consummate another part of the relationship.  What a deal that would be.


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